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Friday, March 18, 2011

Song Series: All Glory (Celebrating God's Sovereignty)

by Oni
 ALL GLORY (as heard on Before You Now)

Celebrating the Sovereignty of God In Times of Trouble

Read Psalm 86

Psalm 86:9 - All nations whom You have made will come and worship before You O Lord, and they shall glorify Thy name.

I recently heard a reporter describe a disheartening comment made by a government official in Japan. It seems that this governor blamed the tsunami on the gods not being pleased with the Japanese people's prideful attitudes. Since the majority of Japanese follow Buddhism and Shintoism, neither of which philosophically support this particular line of reasoning, the general public were somewhat nonplussed. The reporter went on the praise the value of these two belief systems in helping the Japanese people to pull themselves up by the proverbial boot straps. It is hard not to admire a society that's self-reliant and disciplined, yet simultaneously others focused and self-sacrificing. However, in all frankness, this view tends to shine the spot-light on man and how proud we should be of his ability to overcome challenges through his man-made religion and personal hubris. But then again, I suppose man-made religion by its basic tenants is designed to glorify man, as opposed to Christianity which teaches that man was designed to glorify God.

Now I don't know how one would go about validating whether or not the man-made gods or the One True GOD was displeased with the pride of a particular people and was disciplining them with a time of trouble, but one thing I know for certain is that tragedy tends to humble us. Through it, we remember that life is tenuous and fragile. Furthermore, GOD, that is the One True GOD, tells us that he opposes the proud but lifts up the humble. My prayer is that many nations, particularly the Japanese nation, will humbly turn to Him in this time of trouble. I pray that they will be lifted up and then lift HIM up in the process.

One way we can encourage Japan during this terrible ordeal is to help tangibly while praying fervently. Here's a link from Moody Radio to help us get involved.


(verse 1)

Every tribe and every tongue

Every nation everyone will sing the greatness of our King

Every breath and every cry

Every day and every night will sing the greatness of our King


All glory be to God

All glory be to God

We will shout

We will sing

All glory be to God