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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quiet Time: The Real Thing

The Real Thing

Each week, my daughter picks up Gracie from the day care for a busy urbinite couple. Gracie is their two year old daughter, and she is "sweeter than puddin'" to coin a phrase. Well, as God would have it, this little girl taught me a valuable lesson on Super Bowl Sunday.

You see, Gracie wanted some milk, so Candice filled her little sippy cup with Almond Milk and handed it back to her. Gracie took a big swig and stopped mid gulp. Her cheeks bulged out like Dizzy Gillespie playing Ool-Ya-Koo! There was no doubt that Gracie fully understood: the stuff in her mouth was cold like milk, it was white like milk, and even smelled like milk, but it was NOT M.I.L.K.! She may have been only two, but she already knew the difference between the real thing and a wanna be.
Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes (not often, thank you LORD) church seems a lot like almond milk to me. When it comes to leading praise and worship, I sometimes find myself getting caught up in the mechanism of music instead of loosing myself in the wonder of worship. And before I realize it, I've replaced an intimate God moment with a cold man made substitute that leaves me looking for a place to spit.
My hearts desire is to become a looser. I want to loose myself in true and raptured worship of the Father each time I sing His praise. The alternative is bulging cheeks and as Gracie so aptly pointed out, there aint no substitute for the real thing.

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