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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quiet Time: First Things First

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First Things First
Packing for the journey #1

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. - Matthew 6:33

I have a coworker who loves to stay at home. He shared with me the other day that whenever he has a weekend off from work, he pretty much just hangs around the house. He tends the garden, swims in the pool, cooks burgers on the grill and basically just chills. He said, "You know Doug, I just don't like going out as much as I like staying in." Frankly, I can relate.

Right now, I'm sitting beside the pool in my back yard, a golden sunrise peaking over the corner of my roof warms my face and causes my photo grey glasses to darken. I have a cup of coffee with a spot of honey, and I'm watching my dog attempt to get my attention to toss the ball with him. I love having nothing to do and nowhere to go, don't you?

As a bi-vocational worship leader who often works six days a week at my secular job (if there is such a thing), I don't have many times with nothing to do. I recently listened to a sermon from a local  pastor that encouraged me to find one day a week for sabbath rest as part of seeking first God's kingdom. Now, I know I'm not under the law. Jesus fulfilled the law for me; and, I also know that when "you have an ox in a hole you've got to get him out" (Luke 14:5) So, I don't feel guilty when I do work; duty calls. However, I do want to seek first God's kingdom, and that means  my top priority in life is to seek what is eternal.

This will be the first item on my list of things to pack for my journey with Jesus:

1. A heart for heaven.

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