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Monday, June 16, 2014

Quiet Time: Work Hungry

Work Hungry 

A worker's appetite works for him, 
For his hunger urges him on. 
– Proverbs 16:26 

 I memorized this verse as part of a challenge from my friend Bill. I say that to say this, Bill, just informed me today that he intends to retire in 2015. I was shocked!

You see, Bill is an incredible team member who has the best work ethic I’ve ever seen. He seems to never slow down and has a great reputation as a Christian who goes above what is considered an honest eight hours. I love that guy!

In my early years, Bill and I once worked together at the same facility (he works several miles away now) and we used to pray together before the start of each work day.

We also challenged each other to memorize scripture. Bill was really good at remembering the reference and I was better at recalling the actual scripture verse, so, I’d announce the verse and he’d call out the reference throughout the day to see if we still had the scripture memorized. What a great way to work!

I remember the day we memorized Proverbs 16:26. When we read it, we both felt like God was encouraging us to eat less during the day so that our energy levels wouldn’t fall off as usually happened after stuffing ourselves on a big lunch. You know what? It worked! No kidding, we ate enough to keep us satisfied without feeling satiated and were able to stay steady all day long.

Bill will be greatly missed at the company. But I’m glad that I have several memory verses hidden in my heart (Psalm 119:11) to remind me of his faithful walk with Christ and our friendship together.

The world needs more Bills. (He also teaches biblical concepts of finance...the pun is intended)

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