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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quiet Time: Praise the LORD Together

Praise the LORD Together
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord! – Psalm 150:6

Deseri, my wife, and I just finished having our quiet times as we sat together on the patio listening to the birds and enjoying the early morning coolness.

We both were reading quietly to ourselves from Psalm 150, but then, seeing that I had paused to look up at her, she began reading out loud from Psalm 1 (a favorite of mine).

While she was reading I remembered an old Ron Kenoly recording titled “Let Everything that Has Breath” and looked it up on the laptop.

We listened to the song together and my hands spontaneously raised to heaven while my heart filled with the peace and joy from the presence of the Lord.

As the song finished, Deseri, slipped her hand in mine and we began to pray through Psalm 1 and Psalm 150:

Lord, You bless us by Your word; help us to meditate upon it both day and night that we might be like trees planted by streams of living water which yield their fruit in their season, and who’s leaf does not whither, and in whatever we do we will prosper.

Oh, God, we praise You!

Help us to praise you not only in Your sanctuary but also in Your mighty expanse; for all Your mighty deeds and Your excellent greatness.

Father, may we use everything at our disposal to praise You. Every instrument and every breath of our  lives.

Oh God, let everything that has breath praise You, Lord!


Ron Kenoli - "Let Everything That Has Breath"


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