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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quiet Time: Betrayal

by Stephen Huneck

Read: Matthew 26:20-22

Being deeply grieved, they each one began to say to Him, “Surely not I, Lord?” – Matthew 26:22

Has an enemy ever been unfaithful to you? Of course not; only a friend can betray a friend. Have you ever been misled by an unscrupulous sales person? Sure you have! Why? Because they acted like they were your friend, when in reality they simply wanted something from you. A friend doesn’t want something from you, they just want you. That’s what surprised me when I see Jesus telling His disciples, His closest friends, “Truly I say to you, that one of you will betray me.”

Jesus knew who would betray Him, yet He spoke to the whole group sitting around the table for the Passover meal. I mean, He could’ve taken Judas aside and said, “You, snake! I know what you’re up to. Go do what you’re going to do and let me have this time alone with my friends.” But, instead, He causes everyone in the room with Him to question their commitment; to question their friendship. And, now here’s the part that surprised me: they all began to say to Him, “Surely not, I, Lord?” which tells me that they all thought they were capable of betraying Him!

Well, that got me to thinking. If the guys who were closest to Jesus, who walked with Him daily, and sat at His feet while he taught them the way of the cross. If these guys thought that they could actually forsake their friend, their “Lord”, where did that leave me? Could I desert Him? Would I turn my back on Him and walk away from our friendship?

You know what, I think I have left Him. I imagine we all have at one time or another. Yet, regardless of our waywardness, He never leaves us or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5). Jesus may cause us to rethink our commitment to Him but He'll never betray His commitment to us. Think about it. Christ didn’t turn His back on even the most doubting of His disciples, Thomas (John 20:24-28) and he’ll never turn His back on us.

Jesus doesn't want something from you; Jesus simply wants you - all of you.

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