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Monday, March 5, 2012

Quiet Time: God Doesn't Need a Plan

God Doesn't Need a Plan

Read: Mark 6:35-44

They all ate and were satisfied - Mark 6:42

The story of the feeding of the five thousand seems to be a picture of poor planning until Jesus acts.

I mean, when I think of myself as one of the dads in the crowd of five thousand men with their families, I'd most likely be beating myself up for not bringing food along.

If I was one of the disciples, I think I might have been questioning Jesus' planning and organizing skills. After all, He should've either sent the crowds home a long time ago or sent out for food earlier in the day so that it'd arrive in time for dinner.

But the fact is that Jesus never needs to plan because He's always in control. Jesus is in control even when we blow it. Jesus can be trusted; all we need to do is offer Him what we have.

Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't plan, I'm simply pointing out, that when we've done our best to follow Christ and we realize that we've left something out, or that we don't have the stuff to do what needs doing, or we look around and see that we're in a pretty tough spot; that's when we can trust Jesus to make a lot out of the little we've got.

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