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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brother Doug's DISCLAIMER

Brother Doug’s DISCLAIMER

Here’s the Brother Doug’s Devotions first of the year DISCLAIMER:

All “QUIET TIMES” and “SONG SERIES” blogs are a candid glimpse into Brother Doug’s personal daily quiet time and the studies he puts together for his worship team. 

The devotionals (with the exception of SONG SERIES) are in no way developed with any particular person or group in mind. If at any time the reader feels that the blog is aimed or written specifically for him/her, and that Brother Doug somehow discovered or became privy to the reader’s personal information, it is simply not so and purely unintentional on his part. 

However, if these little bible studies help the reader grow more aware of what God is speaking to his/her heart, please feel free to “Like” the blog and pass it along accordingly.

Christ First and Foremost,

Brother Doug

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