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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quiet Time: Cliff Hanger (part 2) Don't Look Down

Cliff Hanger (part 2)

My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me. – Psalm 63:8

Keep clinging – keep climbing and don’t look down. The higher you climb the closer you come to His face and freedom.

The movie Cliff Hanger with actor Sylvester Stallone has a heart wrenching opening scene. He plays the part of a rescue mountain climber who lets a fellow climber slip through his grasp to her death on the valley floor below. That’ll never happen with Jesus, but that fact doesn’t mean we’ll continue to climb.

The problem with many of us believers in Christ is that we’re not followers of Christ. He says, “Climb, follow me” (Matthew 16:4), but instead we look down and freeze. We see the obstacles, the challenges, our past failures, and future fears and there we stay. Stuck to the side of our perilous cliff, neither falling nor ascending, just stuck. The odd thing is, the longer we stay in that position the more comfortable we feel.

That’s when God loosens His grip just a bit to wake and motivate our faith in Him. A lump rises in our throat, our hearts beat faster, and we are acutely aware of the fact that we are not where we ought to be. That’s when we realize the scary truth. God never lets go, but He’s not against shaking us out of our complacency (Hebrews 12:13).

So Paul says “I press on and grab the hand that grabbed hold of me” (Philippians 3:12). Like Paul and the Psalmist, we need to be quick to respond to the prodding’s of the Holy Spirit. We need to press on toward the upward call of Christ (Philippians 3:14).

Press on: accelerate, elevate, and propel yourself forward in your relationship with Christ. And, whatever you do, don’t look down.

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