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Friday, February 24, 2012

Quiet Time: Stuff Happens - Be Ready

Stuff Happens – Be Ready
Read: Philippians 11:26-28

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. – Philippians 1:27

The guys I work with got to talking about a former coworker who used to carry a bible in his back pocket. He loved to talk about religion and especially enjoyed debating the wrong theology associated with various denominations. The problem was, he was openly unfaithful to his wife. To make matters worse, he’d brag about it. One guy finally confronted him in the middle of an impromptu sermon and asked, “Joe, tell me something, do you place the bible on top of the night-stand next to the bed or hide it inside the drawer before you mess around on your wife?” You see, Joe’s conduct made his testimony worthless.

I do believe God wants us to be bold witnesses for Him and what He’s doing in our lives. We shouldn’t fear what people may think about us; there are worse things in life than the label of “Jesus Freak” (Philippians 1:28). But, it is horrible, absolutely abhorrent, when we conduct ourselves in a manner that makes it look as if the good news of Jesus is nothing more than religious banter.

Stuff will happen to us. Stuff happens to everyone. And, you know what; sometimes good things can cause us to act awful just as easily as bad things. But, those of us who’ve experienced the love of Jesus in our hearts, and have tasted the goodness of God actually have a reason for acting and reacting differently. We love Him! And, because we love Him we want to please Him; plain and simple – now that’s a testimony worth sharing.

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