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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Song Series: Rooftops (Be a Conspicuous Christian)

Rooftops - Be a Conspicuous Christian

Matthew 10:26-28

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops - Matthew 10:27

Roof tops are conspicuous places. In my old neighborhood where my wife, Deseri, and I had our first house, many of the housetops were metal. About every other year these roofs needed to be painted with reflective aluminum coating or they’d begin to rust. I remember driving past a house where an absent minded home owner carelessly walked backward off the side of the roof he was painting falling several feet to the ground. A small crowd quickly gathered to make sure he was alright, and yes, he was, but I thought, “How embarrassing!” I don’t think this kind of attention is what Jesus had in mind when He told His disciples to proclaim from housetops.

What I tell you in darkness: Jesus taught His disciples one on one; privately. Do I give Jesus a chance to talk privately with me?

Speak in the light: Jesus taught His disciples to be open, honest, and clear about the gospel. Do I use clear common words when sharing about Jesus, or do I try to impress with a bombastic rhetorical superfluous loquaciousness that serves only to confuse.

What you hear whispered in your ear: Jesus taught His disciples that they should share what He the Great Physician spoke to them. (Back in the day doctors used to whisper doctrine or instructions to an interpreter who would then tell the listener what he said) This also speaks to me of how the Holy Spirit sometimes nudges me or speaks to my heart. Also, when someone whispers, I have to listen carefully. Do I make time to simply listen?

Proclaim upon rooftops: Preach. Be fearless and courageous when sharing the Word. But people will think I’m simple and closed minded! But, God will think you faithful. Besides what the worst anyone can do to me? Kill me? That’s where their power ends and eternity begins.

I don’t think God wants us to be conspicuous by acting weird in our walk with Him or silly in our talk, but I do think he wants us to be fearless and forthright; even if that means standing boldly for the truth when others want us to sit down and shut up.

There is no such thing as a covert Christian, so I’d better get better at being a barefaced believer.

(check out the link under the title above if you'd like to hear the song - Rooftops)

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