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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quiet Time: The Pressure's On

The Pressure’s On
Stars shine brightest in the dark of night

Read: 2 Thessalonians 1:4-8

Paul, Silas, and Timothy held up the Thessalonian believers as examples of perseverance (hupomone: patience in difficult circumstances) and faith (to believe, to be fully persuaded) because they endured (anecho: to patiently wait) by the power of the indwelling Christ while in the middle of their persecutions (diogomos: hostile persecutions; being pursued by enemies) and afflictions (thlipsis: to crush or squeeze by outward circumstances). 
-  2 Thessalonians 1:4

Word got back to Paul, Silas, and Timothy regarding how well the Thessalonian Christians were holding up under intense pressure. These three patriarchs took this information to the churches in Corinth and Achaia, because they understood that being a Christian in a time of peace was great; but in a time of persecution was greater. 

To this day Christ followers are encouraged to stand firm because two thousand years ago the Thessalonian believers showed them how.  

Their perseverance has become our pattern to play the noblest part.

When God Wants To Drill A Man
When God wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man,
And skill a man
When God wants to mold a man
To play the noblest part;

When He yearns with all His heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall be amazed,
Watch His methods, watch His ways!
How He ruthlessly perfects
Whom He royally elects!

How He hammers him and hurts him,
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay which
Only God understands;
While his tortured heart is crying
And he lifts beseeching hands!

How He bends but never breaks
When his good He undertakes;
How He uses whom He chooses,
And which every purpose fuses him;
By every act induces him
To try His splendor out-
God knows what He’s about.  

 - Anonymous


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